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Mac Version
1. Auto import directly to Apple Mail / Mac Mail
2. Outlook Independent - No need of Outlook to be installed
3. Just copy over to Mac your PST files on a Portable drive, Import and you are all set!
4. It doesn't get simpler then this :)
  Windows Version
1. Convert PST files to Apple Mail Archive/ Entourage Archive / .EML & .mbox for Thunderbird / EML for Windows Live Mail
2. Requires Outlook to be installed
3. You'll need to copy over the converted files to Mac on Portable Drive and Manually import in case of Apple / Mac Mail/ Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac

Technical Support

Outlook to Mail Support Page

1. I want to convert my Microsoft Outlook Data files  to Mac Mail, but I am concerned they might be modified or imported randomly with other already converted Apple Mail/Entourage items. Is that possible? 

First of all, PST Converter Pro does not modify files during the conversion, not even the slightest!
Secondly, the PST Converter Pro will definitely not mix up the newly converted items with ones that you already have stashed on your Mac. During the conversion Process, the PST Converter Pro will automatically create an output folder where all the converted items will be set without mixing them with other files.


2. PST Converter Pro (Mac Version) has failed to load a PST file. Why is that?

If this happens, then you need to try copying the PST file in question from your pile of files, straightly into your hard drive and open it from there with the PST Converter Pro.
This situation may also occur if the given file is corrupt. Yes, your Outlook may deceit you sometimes since it is able to open a corrupt file.

If the file does prove to be “nonfunctional” then we suggest you repair the file using “scanpst”.

Here you have additional information on this matter:


3. Is it possible for the PST Converter Pro to convert files in more than an hour if the PST file proves a capacity of let`s say: 1 or 2 GB ?

The PST Converter Pro may be influenced by some factors, which may slow it down and the conversion process itself. Nevertheless, The PST Converter Pro is a professional migrating tool, which most of the time will stick to its mission successfully.

Here are some of the factors which may influence in one way or another the PST Converter Pro`s ability to complete de conversion within minutes:

  • Instead of loading the files straight from the computer`s hard drive, you load them through a slow speed flash drive. Your internet connection should also be up to speed!
  • Having your files copied to an Output folder situated in a low speed flash drive.
  • When the conversion has reached its end, you will need to import the files through Apple Mail, which may be unpredictable.


4. Is it possible to lack messages in Apple Mail after I`ve imported my PST files into Apple Mail?

Yes it is possible.


5. After I have imported my emails into Apple Mail, I discovered within the folders some email counts.  When I want to access these folders either my emails or email bodies are apparently missing. What should I do?

This issue has to do email indexing. These Apple Mail indexes are there for search optimization purposes, which make your emails “invisible”. Not to worry, this issue can be fixed.

  • Begin this process by quitting Apple Mail
  • Open a window in OSX 10.X and to go this specific location: Folder, then in Library and then in Mail. Or if it`s easier for you then you can access it alternatively through Finder Main Menu: GO -> Go to Folder and then simply type this within the folder sheet: ~/Library.
  • After doing so, you need to search for folder Library / Mail / V2 / MailData.
  • Next, rename as you see fit, for example: from  "Envelope Index"  to “Envelop Index OLD”
  • Now you may feel free to launch Apple Mail and press “ok”.

    Now Apple Mail will re-index your emails so allow it to remain idle for a while. After this launch Apple Mail and go to “On My Mac” tab and check your e-mails.

    Be noted that Apple Mail might run a little slower, so do not be worried if it faces a lag between the actual selections of the folder and displaying the mail itself.


6. I have tried to import my pst files to Apple Mail. The Import process proved unsuccessfully and short since the imported folders in my Apple Mail are empty. Also, when I leave Apple Mail it seems that all of the imported files disappear. Why is that?  And what should I do to fix it?

The computer basically allows all sorts of inappropriate permissions on Apple Mail, which affects its cache folder.

To fix this, apply the following steps:

  • Go to Apple Mail Main Menu then Window the Activity
  • Now you need to archive all of your existing emails by doing so: Try to right click on the Inbox icon and go with Archive Mailbox. Now simply save  it all in a new folder. Also, you need to do the same with “Drafts” and “Sent” .
  • Wait until the process is complete and then simply quit Apple Mail.
  • Now go to OSX 10.X and apply the same steps as described for Question nr. 5
  • Go to the Library folder, double click it to see Mail folder. Now, rename Mail Folder with the following name: Mail_Archive.
  • Now simply launch Apple Mail and continue with its instructions.
  • Now take the archived “Inbox” , “Sent” and “Draft” folders and import them through the following steps:  go to Apple Mail Menu then File and then Import Mailboxes
  • Now all of the above folders will be imported by Apple Mail
  • After the Import processes is complete select all of your Inbox emails and drops them into the original Inbox and restore them. Please follow the same steps for the “Sent” and “Draft” folders.
  • Now simply open PST Converter Pro and import your PST files to Apple Mail.


7. Am I able to archive my items without having to import them immediately through Apple Mail?

The PST Converter Pro has two options: “Convert To” and “Import To”, so yes it is possible to convert and import them later through Apple Mail. So, instead of going with the “Import To” you will need to choose the “Convert To” option.

Feel free to proceed with the following steps on how to successfully use the PST Converter Pro:

  • As a first step, please launch the PST Converter Pro
  • Now, add all the PST files, which you need to convert
  • Now between the two options which we displayed above, you are requested to choose the “Convert to” option.
  • To proceed, you need to select the desired format for your files: *.vcf, *.ics”
  • Simply click the “Start” button
  • Now you are requested to choose an output folder, where your files will be placed and then wait for the conversion to reach its grand finish.
  • For safety reasons archive a copy of the output folder and place it on another computer or flash drive if possible
  • Now you are able to import your folder into Apple Mail, Apple iCal or Apple Address Book by following these steps accordingly:
    1. Go to Application Menu on Apple Mail, then go to File and then to Import Mailboxes
    2. Next you will have an option called Apple Mail, which you will need to select
    3. Click Continue
    4. Now browse your computer for the output folder and then simply click “Choose”
    5. Immediately, Apple Mail will display a list of folders within the Output folder.
    6. Simply click the “Continue” button and patiently wait until de import process is complete
    7. Now that the import process has reached its end you are able to view your imported mails into Apple Mail
    8. In order to import your contacts, you just need to go to the output folder where you will find a file named "Contacts.vcf". Double click it and your files will be imported through Apple Address Book
    9. The same thing will be applied for calendars also, but instead of "Contacts.vcf" we have "Calendar.ics". Follow the same steps as above and in no time at all your calendars will be imported into Apple iCal.


8. When I try to import my converted pst files into Microsoft Entourage, they appear as empty folders and the importing process itself is too short. Also, the following error appears:  “The archive ArchiveName.rge appears to be damaged. If you continue, Entourage will recover as much data as possible out of the damaged archive.” Any advice?

For this specific problem we offer a solution for you to apply:

  • Try downloading the following program: "Fix" to your computer. You need to un-zip it.
  • After doing so, double-click the application to get it started on your Mac
  • Now you need to click the “Choose” button
  • Select the *.rge file, which the PST Converter Pro has converted for you
  • In order to avoid duplication of folders, since you may already have you contacts and social calendars imported into Entourage,  you need to “thick” the checkboxes, to remove them.
  • Now simply click the “Fix” button
  • The process has now begun, now just wait.
  • After it is complete try importing the archive again in Microsoft Entourage
  • Also, to better understand the process, please view the screen shot below.


9. I have tried to import my PST Address Book to Apple Address Book. The import process seems very short and incomplete; even though I can see my contacts in Apple Address Book they disappear after when I quit Apple Mail. What should I do?

It is important to understand the fact the PST Converter Pro is a professional tool, which may successfully convert or not your items. The reason why the PST Converter Pro may not convert everything perfectly is because of the vcf files themselves.

Most of the time, vcf files are either corrupt or somewhat incomplete. Outlook may oversee these issues making us believe that the vcf files are actually in perfect shape when they are not.
This is the reason why the PST Converter Pro may face additional challenges when dealing with such files.
Unfortunately, we are still in the process of figuring this issue out, but we will keep you posted!


10. I need to know if the PST Converter Pro can convert “Categories” since I have converted a lot of contacts and have put  “Categories” to my contacts.

Even though the PST Converter Pro extracts “Categories” accordingly, sometimes Apple Mail may not handle appropriately or at all “categories” within the importing process of contacts to a *.vcf file. But to check if everything is in order just open one of the converted *.vcf files in Note Pad and try to look for “Category”  within the contacts file.


11. I have converted my Outlook calendar to iCal but I can`t seem to be able to edit any of the given events. If I want to click on one it displays three options: “Accept”, “Decline” or “Maybe” . I can`t seem to edit them either, if I try, the following message occurs: “There was an error with the invitation. Only the organizer can change this event. Contact the organizer to make changes.”

This happens because the events have other or different emails address for you which are listed in the Address Book itself.  This means that iCal won`t recognize you as the person who created the event, therefore won`t let you modify it.
To be able to modify or edit them in any way, you need to add all of your email addresses to your card in the Address Book, which is under the name of “Me”.

How to edit:

  • Open your Address Book 
  • Then go to Window then Address Book then Choose Card then Go to My Card and ultimately click the Edit option and add your own email address.
  • If this option happens to be disabled, then you need to create another Card by going with Card and then Make this My Card.


12. I have over 100 groups which I need to move to my Mac. The “Contacts” are in order but it seems that the “Groups” may not be converted accordingly, since they come with no information within them. I need to migrate Contact Groups to Mac using the PST Converter Pro. Is that possible?

There is no possible way to come around this issue since there is no direct way to import Groups into Apple Address Book, yet.  Microsoft Entourage also does not support importing these groups from Microsoft Entourage Archive.
But we are still working on this problem, hoping to come with some helpful and immediate answers for those who have encountered this issue.


13. I am confronted with issues which are not listed here. Who do I turn to?

If you haven`t found your answers among the issues above, then you are more than welcomed to express your concerns at the following email address:

We will do our best to overcome any difficulties or technical problems! Thank you for choosing us and our PST Converter Pro software.

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