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Easy Mail Migration Using Powerful Conversion Tool for Both Platforms

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Mac Version
1. Auto import directly to Apple Mail / Mac Mail
2. Outlook Independent - No need of Outlook to be installed
3. Just copy over to Mac your PST files on a Portable drive, Import and you are all set!
4. It doesn't get simpler then this :)
  Windows Version
1. Convert PST files to Apple Mail Archive/ Entourage Archive / .EML & .mbox for Thunderbird / EML for Windows Live Mail
2. Requires Outlook to be installed
3. You'll need to copy over the converted files to Mac on Portable Drive and Manually import in case of Apple / Mac Mail/ Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac


Perfect tool ★★★★★

by Spiegelhof – Version 2.0.2 – Apr 17, 2014

Na heel wat gemodder, gekozen voor deze App, mijn 4 GB aan mails en attachements waren binnen 10 minuten overgezet. Grote klasse en een zorg minder. Aanrader!!!!


Brilliant! ★★★★★

by Poromies – Version 2.0.2 – Apr 9, 2014

Simple. Intuitive. Fast. It just works. Converted all my archived Outlook files from previous PC laptops to Apple Mail format in no time. Even mails dating back to 2001 were recovered with their attachments. I can now access historic but still important mails without the hassle of buying and running Outloook in parallel.


Wieso liefert Apple das nicht gleich mit… ★★★★★

by berni8818 – Version 2.0.2 – Apr 1, 2014

ich kann mich meinen Vorrednern nur anschließen! In wenigen Minuten meine kompletten Mail incl. Unterordner in AppleMail importiert! Ich bin schwer begeistert. Dadurch konnte ich mir den beschwerlichen Umweg über Thunderboldt etc. sparen. Danke an den Entwickler!!!


perfekt! ★★★★★

by Kunstromy – Version 2.0.2 – Feb 23, 2014

Nach zig gescheiterten Versuchen mit aus- und einladen in Thunderbird, hier nun das perfekte Tool, um meine .pst Dateien aus Windows mit allen Unterordnern säuberlich in mail einzulesen. Das ganze funktioniert nicht nur mit Mail, sondern auch den Kontakten und Kalendern. Vielen Dank – diese Investition hat sich wirklich gelohnt.!


awesome ★★★★★

by mkrmkr – Version 2.0.2 – Feb 23, 2014

i had over 30,000 emails on my pc in outlook. conversion was easy and superfast. they were all in apple mail in less than 5 minutes!


Brilliant ★★★★★

by TDCL – Version 2.0.2 – Feb 11, 2014

Loads of Google searches and Apple forum reviews and I should have just gone straight to this. If you are looking for a very simple, basic app that will take your PST files and convert them to MBox format then look no further. Simple interface, very easy to use and works in a split second. Thank you!


Veloce, affidabile, superiore ★★★★★

by Gzbox – Version 2.0.2 – Feb 2, 2014

Converte perfettamente i contatti, trasferendo anche i numeri di telefono con caratteri alfanumerici o contenenti più numeri nello stesso campo. Tale operazione, effettuata con altri strumenti o altre procedure (formato Vcard vcf) riportava sempre errori o incompletezze, mentre PST Converter Pro ha convertito oltre 3000 contatti in pochi minuti, senza perdere nulla e rispettando con precisione la corrispondenza dei campi. Anche con i messaggi la velocità è impressionante, e tutte le cartelle sono state convertite da PST a Apple Mail senza alcuna difficoltà. Prodotto consigliato, ed il costo, sebbene superiore alla media, è pienamente giustificato.


Finally! ★★★★★

by realgeek – Version 2.0.2 – Jan 16, 2014

Wow! This app works very well! It’s a shame that Mail can’t import Outlook for Windows’ PST files directly. I have ALL my old emails, for the past 15 years or so, in a HUGE PST file. But I had been on Windows for most of that time. When I switched to the Mac, there didn’t seem to be a safe and easy way to import them into Mail. So I had to get Outlook for Mac. I hate it, but I need all my old emails. I’ve searched for conversion options in the past, but the Internet is a dangerous place: I couldn’t tell what would work and whether it could be trusted. And since I couldn’t find any trustworthy reviews, I just stuck to Outlook for Mac for old emails and used Mail for new emails. Recently, I decided to check the Mac App Store — and, lo and behold, this app was available. The reviews were mostly good, so I decided to give it a try. And it worked! Very well, in fact! It converted my 13.5 GB PST file without a problem. (Well, as far as I can see anyway. I haven’t checked all of the emails, but it seems to have worked quite well.) It was relatively quick, too: much faster than I remember Outlook for Mac being when it was importing the same file. I highly recommend this app! I paid $25. While that seemed like a lot when I wasn’t sure it would work, it was TOTALLY worth the price to bring all my old emails into Mail.


Perfect ★★★★★

by Cliff.Taylor – Version 1.5 – Oct 8, 2013

Converted all of my old MS Outlook email going back 12 years including attachments. Imported into Mac Mail and it looks great. Thank you.


Worked Great! ★★★★★

by Turtleman, cleveland – Version 1.5 – Oct 7, 2013

Saved hours of time. Converted Outlook 2010 and Hotmail. 12GB PST File in total. No problems detected.


Great App! No complications! ★★★★★

by ElGabo8 – Version 1.5 – Jul 25, 2013

I just left my job and migrated all my pst outlook emails to my mac. I was so worried that all of my contacts and emails would be lost. With this app I was able to convert all of them so that my mac computer could read them all!! Now I have them in my Mac and I’m able to browse through them at any time!!! Thank you PST Converter Pro!


Works! No problems! ★★★★★

by cover_boy – Version 1.5 – Jun 21, 2013

Works very painless and fast (I exported the .psd from Windows XP with 10 years of e-mails in less than 20 minutes, 1.6 GB). One hour later without the slightest fuss everything was imported in Apple Mail and up and running. Imported e-mails are sorted in neat folders and subfolders (separated, not mixed up with excisting e-mails – good – and you have to manually drag-and-drop them to the desired places, his is simple but will take hours, but the program have taken care of the reaaly difficult problem to get everything inside Apple Mail. Very good manual. Fair Price. The “other program” (from another manufacturer) for the same task, the one often recommended in online discussions, didn’t work for me. I had almost given up my ambition to move from Windows Outlook 2003 to Apple Mail as I found this one in the Apple Appstore. Highly recommended. Buy.


Worked perfectly for my needs ★★★★★

by Hoover, Esq. – Version 1.5 – Jun 7, 2013

I needed to pull the email documents out of a .PST document from a PC-only/Outlook dependant client. This was perfect. I appreciate the option to export to .EML which are more OS X friendly (compatible with QuickLook).


Simply perfect ★★★★★

by giorso – Version 1.5 – Jul 1, 2013

This app simply saved my (working) life. Easy, well explained, no missing of document/attachment/font at all. Many thanks.


Fantastic product, well worth the price! One caveat: SMIME email ★★★★★

by ckib16 – Version 1.5 – Jan 27, 2013

One of the best utilities I’ve used. Anyone trying to convert from Outlook to another email client knows it is painful drudgery. This app relieves the pain. It is quick, efficient, does not require Outlook to be installed and very affordable. I converted 50,000+ emails from about a decade worth of .pst files. The UI is well done with great explanations on how to import the results into or other clients. Much better than other pst converters like “O2M” and “Emailchemy”. Nice reports to view results after export is completed. One caveat: I work in government and therefore have many SMIME emails (digitally signed and/or encrypted emails). Unfortunately cannot view or decrypt these emails after export from .pst. These emails appear with a SMIME.P7M attachment isntead of plain text. However, I have not found any other .pst converter app that preserves SMIME certificates for viewing in other email clients. Just a note.


Amazing! ★★★★★

by PatC60 – Version 1.5 – Jan 24, 2013

I am not a overly computer literate, nor am I a computer dunce, but it was amazingly easy to convert my old Outlook email folders into Apple mailboxes. First, using Outlook on my old PC, I exported each of my Outlook mail folders separatedly as pst files. I saved the pst files on a flash drive and transfered them to my new Mac. I used PST Converter Pro to turn the pst files into mbox files. I then imported the mbox files into Apple mail. The coversions were very fast, and it only took a little time organizing & arranging my new mailboxes. This also worked for my Outlook Inbox file. I just did it separately as its own pst file. Great app!


I spent a week looking for a solution… ★★★★★

by windowsnomore – Version 1.4 – Feb 27, 2012

This is perfect. I was able to convert my contacts, calendar and email. No issues. Well worth the money.


Worth the cost ★★★★★

by AppBuyin – Version 1.4 – Feb 26, 2012

This app was pricey compared to some others. However, it was able to import 6 different PST files totally over 5 Gig in size. It imported my calendar events and contacts as well. I had to use the Mac Address Book to merge duplicate contacts though. Great app! Buy it and save yourself a lot of hassle.


100% Success ★★★★★

by MisterMellow001 – Version 1.2 – Aug 30, 2011

It has bugged me for years that I have to go to Windows to open old Outlook messages. Exporting old messages in Outlook is unsatisfactory, so I’ve been looking for something to convert PST files to be read by Apple Mail. This app converted tens of thousands of messages, contained within a series of PST archives dating as far back as 1996. All I did was drag and drop all the PST archives into this app at once, choose the output format, and it processed them without a hitch and preserved their archive groupings. I tried all the conversion options (creating three different sets), and of the Apple Mail, MBOX, and EML conversion-output options, I found the latter best for my purposes because it allows individual messages to be opened in Mail without loading the entire MBOX. Of course, sent/received dates in the EML conversion were not available in the finder, as the file creation date is the day of conversion. But when opening the mail message, the header info is intact. But EML format used the subject line as the title of the message, so regardless of not knowing the sent/recieved date in the finder, I was able to ID the message by title. As archives imported into Mail, they all work like a charm. I don’t need access to them via Mail, but I imported an archive of personal messages as a test, and the sent/recieved dates are all there, the header information is intact, and the attachments open. They imported into the “On My Mac” section of the Mailbox list, in a folder called “Import.” Within that folder, the app created a subfolder with the same title as the PST archive. It also converted my calendar, which I couldn’t be happier about, although I didn’t import all of them. I did import some individually for hisorical record reasons. I didn’t try converting contacts because I had already exported them for use in Address Book before I quit using Windows. The only messages that weren’t converted with original formatting intact, as far as I’ve been able to tell, were some circa-1997 HTML-formatted newsletter emails. The text was all there, but the layout wasn’t. This is no big deal, but it may be important to some. I don’t know of another app that will do better, though, so I don’t fault PST Converter Pro for this necessarily. The price of this app is steep, and kept me away from it for some time (I wonder if a lower price point would result in higher sales for the developer). However, after trying a 99-cent competitor app with sketchy and unreliable results, I finally bit the bullet and purchased this app. The differences were apparent from the start. Complete documentation, a conversion report, 100% conversion success, calender conversion, several conversion options, and a surprisingly “finished” look for a Version 1.2 app made it worth it to me, in retrospect, for solving a problem that’s been haunting me ever since I archived my Outlook stuff into those stupid proprieatry PST files before leaving Windows.


Perfection! ★★★★★

by What in the – Version 1.2 – Aug 9, 2011

Worked flawlessly. I am now 100% Mac! Thanks.


Saved Me Hours and Hours ★★★★★

by ptk4mac – Version 1.2 – Aug 3, 2011

So I’ve finally converted my whole office to Mac OS X 🙂 Then here comes my biggest power user and he says he has Outlook e-mail going back to 2004 in multiple PST files totally more than 25GB. So I fired up the Mac App Store and searched for “pst”. This app showed up – went to their website and downloaded the demo. Worked exactly as advertised. Ok, for $19, it was worth a shot. So I download from App Store and… The result: this app converted 25GB of Outlook 2003-2007 PST files in 20 minutes. Awesome job!!


A Godsend for Windows to Mac Converts ★★★★

by PhilInCA – Version 1.2 – Jul 28, 2011

I was recently migrating tons of emails and contacts over from Microsoft Office on Windows to my new Mac machine, and this literally took what would have been a 3 hour job and turned it into a 3 minute job. Seriously consider this if you’re doing a conversion like I was. Price is a bit steep though, for just a conversion app. Might consider slimming that down a bit.

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