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Easy Mail Migration Using Powerful Conversion Tool for Both Platforms

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Mac Version
1. Auto import directly to Apple Mail / Mac Mail
2. Outlook Independent - No need of Outlook to be installed
3. Just copy over to Mac your PST files on a Portable drive, Import and you are all set!
4. It doesn't get simpler then this :)
  Windows Version
1. Convert PST files to Apple Mail Archive/ Entourage Archive / .EML & .mbox for Thunderbird / EML for Windows Live Mail
2. Requires Outlook to be installed
3. You'll need to copy over the converted files to Mac on Portable Drive and Manually import in case of Apple / Mac Mail/ Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac


Q1: I need to transfer all my e-mails, contacts and  calendar events from Microsoft Outlook  97,2000,XP(ANSI format),2003,2007,2010 PST to Entourage, Apple Mail/Apple Address Book and also Apple iCal.

What are the procedures?
A1: If you have come this far to seek an answer, then it must mean you have tried other unsuccessful methods such as:  transferring your e-mails via e-mail server or have tried other programs which chaotically arranged or transferred your data making more of a mess than actually helping you with the conversion process.
Since there is no quick or direct way to transfer your outlook data files into a desired format to be compatible with Apple Mail or Entourage 2004/2008, you simply need to convert them into a compatible type of format that eventually will be seen or read by Apple Mail or Entourage 2004/2008.
Our answer to your problem is as simple as effective: The PST Converter Pro. This professional software will immediately convert all Outlook data files to formats that are accepted by Apple Mail or Entourage 2004/2008.

Also, it will keep you files organized by preserving them as they initially were and at the same time with 0% chance of error or bugs.

PST Converter Pro is the most reliable software in terms of conversion!


Q2: Why is it necessary to convert my e-mail to a MBOX type of format? What can you tell me about this type of format?
A2: First of all, let`s clarify what MBOX format really means and how it can help you with the conversion process.

The MBOX file is an acronym for “Mail Box” and is seen as the most common, accepted format by all applications. Since, it is recognized so easily by most application, it is understandable why most files need to be converted to this type of format.

The MBOX format is easily accepted and recognized by both Apple Mail and Entourage 2004/2008. So usually Outlook, which has PST format, needs to be converted to the MBOX to be recognized by Apple applications or Entourage.  If you required moving your mails from Microsoft outlook data files to Apple mail then you can convert to Apple Mail Archive first and also you can directly import it to Apple Mail.


Q3: I need to convert Outlook to vCard. Can the PST Converter Pro sustain this type of conversion?
A3:  The answer is definitely yes! Since vCard is also a common format which helps you store information, it is also recognized by Apple, so the PST Converter Pro can definitely help you to convert your Outlook data into a vCard format!


Q4: I want to convert my Outlook data to a iCal format. Can I do this with the PST Converter Pro?
A4: The answer to this question is also affirmative.  The iCal format is a common format that helps you store the needed information on your Mac and since there are people who wish to convert their Microsoft  Outlook data to a compatible Mac format, we developed the PST  Converter Pro, which can easily accomplish this task without a hassle.


Q5: I need the PST Converter Pro as soon as possible! How much time does it take to have it shipped and in addition to the program itself, will I be receiving anything else?
A5: The good news is that you will receive PST Converter Pro in a matter of minutes, since there is no actual, physically speaking, product to be received.
Our PST Converter Pro software is downloaded straight from us. After payment is processed, you will receive a personalized key and with that you are able convert the demo version to full version.

If you do not receive an e-mail within 30 minutes, then we encourage you to contact us at this e-mails address and we will assist you shortly:


Q6: If I am facing any problems with the software, who do I turn to?
A6: As our customer, if you are facing any kind or problems or concerns, you are kindly asked to refer it to us and our skillful team of experts who will take care of your situation as soon as possible.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, this is way we have a 24/7 e-mail support system in English only, to which you can express your issues or other troubles you might be facing with our software.

Also, if for whatever reason you believe our product is not useful enough for you; rest assured that you will be refunded!

Our desire is to see our clients happy with our software and most importantly to make good use of it. That is our main purpose here!


Q7: I need more information on customer policy, would you be able to provide me with some?
A7Aside from developing professional software, customer support and satisfaction is crucial to us. We work to offer you the best there is and at reasonable prices which easily indulges with the performances of our products.

We offer support through an e-mail system and Remote access to client desktop only, through which clients may express their concerns. Our supportive team of experts will pass on your messages to us, within an hour or so and we will do our best to be at service.

We also offer customer support to our trial version customers. If you are faced with any issues with the demo version of  PST Converter Pro, please address us immediately!

Our e-mail support address is:


Q8: I need to know more about your refund policy. Could you offer me more information on this topic?
A8: Our refund policy clearly states that any person who wishes to try our products, are able to within 30 days as a time period. If for whatever reason, a client before the 30 day time period wishes to return the product, then we would be happy to refund his money.

We will offer you a $29 refund, if we fail to guide you through your problems.  In other circumstances we will charge a $1.5 fee before we refund your money, as it is stated in our policy.


Q9:  Does your company offer free updates?
A9: Yes we do.  We offer updates on a regular basis to all of our customers and we also notify them      as soon as we are ready to launch them.

The updates for PST Converter Pro can be downloaded directly from our websites instantly!


Q10: Since the Pst Converter Pro is downloadable, how come it is not free?
A10:  Sustaining the proficiency of software requires continuous support and regular updates. A free software rumbling around the internet won`t get the same attention like other professional tools such as this one, which continuously receives our undivided attention and professional support.


Q11: I have a lot of attachments which need to be converted, is that possible?
A11: With the PST Converter Pro, everything is possible, so yes; this tool will also convert your attachments, even nested messages, which other programs might mess with their structure or content.


Q12: I have non-English content in my e-mails; will that affect in any way the conversion process?
A12: Not at all! The Pst Converter Pro covers a wide range of aspects and issues, which other programs don`t, including the conversion of non-English content. It preserves any kind of Unicode, so nothing is ever lost or modified, also preserved as it was initially.


Q13: I own more than one computer, will the Pst Converter Pro work on all of them, if installed?
A13: This is why we have the Pst Converter Pro for:

  • Single User License – which allows the conversion of only one person`s e-mails, since he or she will receive one single personalized key.
  • Household License – Even though there will be just one personalized key, the husband, wife or their kids may also be able to convert their e-mails as they see fit. With this type of license you are able to install the Pst Converter Pro on more than just one computer, with the exception that the e-mails converted on every computer must belong to a person in the home.
  • Commercial License- This license is for firms only and must be used for the firm`s professional interest only. The program may be used by a support team member of the firm, but again only within the firm. For purchasing more than one commercial license or bulk, clients are encouraged to write us at:

Q14: I need my e-mails to maintain their structure. Can Pst Converter Pro do that for me?
A14: Affirmative. Pst Converter Pro will not just maintain your e-mails structure, but will organize them in the same way as they were. No confusions no complications!


Q15:  On what type of operating system does the Pst Converter Pro work better, and do I need Outlook installed?
A15: The Pst Converter Pro works on Intel Mac and Windows and yes you need to have your Outlook installed before proceeding with the conversion.


Q16: Does the Pst Converter Pro come with help support or other documentations?
A16: Yes the program itself will come along with supportive documentation, even though the program is very easy and specific to use.  You may also find useful information on How to tab under Support about “Migrating to Apple Mail” or “Migrating to Microsoft Entourage” or “Migrating PST to Windows live Mail” or “Migration Outlook Data files to Thunderbird or to Postbox”

If you still believe that you are not clarified enough, please contact us for further assistance at:


Q17: Can the Pst Converter Pro convert large PST files?
A17:  We are able to guarantee you that the Pst Converter Pro can convert up to 45GB and even larger than that! To be reasonable, we cannot 100% guarantee that it can convert just any amount of PST files.


Q18: I need to know if the Pst Converter Pro Demo, is able to covert attachments while converting big PST file into smaller Entourage mbox files?
A18:  Since it is a trial version, you will be able to convert only up to 10 emails  from every folder: calendar, e-mail or contacts, which will also be of smaller sizes.


Q19: I need to keep my contact photos, is that possible?
A19: Definitely, all contact photos will be kept and preserved during the conversion.


Q20: I need to know if the Pst Converter Pro is able to preserve my calendar Event Attachments?
A20: Since the attachments from an Outlook Calendar cannot be included in the iClandar format, the Pst Converter Pro offers you the best solution which is: converting all calendar events to Mbox or EML file formats, it is up to you.

All of you converted data will be saved the in an imported mail folder in Apple Mail or Entourage Archive.

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