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Easy Mail Migration Using Powerful Conversion Tool for Both Platforms

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Mac Version
1. Auto import directly to Apple Mail / Mac Mail
2. Outlook Independent - No need of Outlook to be installed
3. Just copy over to Mac your PST files on a Portable drive, Import and you are all set!
4. It doesn't get simpler then this :)
  Windows Version
1. Convert PST files to Apple Mail Archive/ Entourage Archive / .EML & .mbox for Thunderbird / EML for Windows Live Mail
2. Requires Outlook to be installed
3. You'll need to copy over the converted files to Mac on Portable Drive and Manually import in case of Apple / Mac Mail/ Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac

Migrate Microsoft Outlook (PST) Data Files to Thunderbird

Here we will guide you through an exciting process which the PST Converter Pro will perform for you in a matter of minutes!
The process itself stands for Excellency and surprising results. Stay tuned, as we will guide you through all the necessary steps you need to take in order to convert everything in due time and with a high success rate!

To proceed, please read the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to launch your PST Converter Pro tool and “think” which of the following items listed you want to convert. After you have selected everything you need, simply choose the format in which you want them to be converted: *.EML, *.ics, *. Vcf or *.mbox etc.

After choosing the desired format, you need to click the “Start” button.

  1. Now, you will need to launch Thunderbird application. After it is launched, go to Application Menu, then Tool and finally Add-ons. Next, within the Thunderbird Main window you have the Tool button, click it. A list will appear, choose "Install Add-on From File…"

Try downloading from our website the .xpi file

After the download is complete, install it and after that re-launch Thunderbird.

  1. As a third step, you need to access “Local Folders” by right clicking it. Now you have to choose “New Folder” and rename it as you wish, for instance “Import”. Now simply select the folder.
  2. Next go to Application Menu then Tools then Import Export Tools and finally go to Import EML file.
  3. A window will automatically open, you need to choose its last option which is “Select a directory where searching the .EML files to import ( also in subdirectories ) and lastly press the “OK” button.
  4. A list of folders will appear, you need to select the one which has EML files and then simple click “Open”. Now the process of importing has begun, your EML files will be imported one by one. A configuration window may open, simply “check” the “do not ask again” option.

Now the process is complete and everything has been imported accordingly!

If you happen to have contacts in your PST files, then they are converted to .vcf type of format, placed in the output folder.
Follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to Thunderbird application menu and choose the “Import” option and then Address Books.
  2. Now, click the “Next” button
  3. Then look for the location where you have all of your converted items
  4. Look for the “Contacts” Folder and within it you will find the "Contacts.vcf” file.
  5. Now you are done!

Suggestion: Instead of going with the Apple Mail, try importing all your e-mails through an mbox conversion method. Also, if you need to, you can also go with the .mbox version.

Note that all the steps above are similar for the .mbox conversion process also.


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