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Easy Mail Migration Using Powerful Conversion Tool for Both Platforms

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Mac Version
1. Auto import directly to Apple Mail / Mac Mail
2. Outlook Independent - No need of Outlook to be installed
3. Just copy over to Mac your PST files on a Portable drive, Import and you are all set!
4. It doesn't get simpler then this :)
  Windows Version
1. Convert PST files to Apple Mail Archive/ Entourage Archive / .EML & .mbox for Thunderbird / EML for Windows Live Mail
2. Requires Outlook to be installed
3. You'll need to copy over the converted files to Mac on Portable Drive and Manually import in case of Apple / Mac Mail/ Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac

Migrate Outlook PST files to Apple Contacts, Calender and Apple Mail

This is a step by step, informative article for everyone who needs to know exactly how to operate the PST Converter Pro.

Please proceed with the following:

  1. This first step is simply add all of your PST files as you were told in the “Adding PST files to convert” for conversion.
  2. If you are planning to move your Microsoft Outlook Data(PST) files to Apple/Mac Mail then kindly select “Apple Mail Archive” Now simply click the “Start” button so the conversion may commence. It will ask you to select an output folder so that Apple Mail Archive“Contacts.vcf” and “Calendar.ics” are placed there.
  3. Now you need to launch Apple Mail and go to “Application Menu” , select “File” and then “ Import Mailboxes”
  4. After completing the steps above, simply select the “ Apple Mail” option in the “Import Dialog” and finally click the “Continue” button.
  5. As a next step, you are requested to search the exact location where you have saved your  converted files on your Mac. Now, select your output folder where the files are located and then simply click “Choose”
  6. As you read this, Apple Mail will search the output folder and will display more numerous folders. Now, simply click the “Continue” button and patiently wait until the import process is complete!
  7. Now, that the import process has completed successfully you are able to view your mails in Apple Mail under “ON MY MAC” as “IMPORT”!

How to Import vCard / (*.vcf ) to Apple Address Book/Apple Contacts

Here we will find how to  import your vCard files to your Apple Address Book/Apple Contacts in a few simple steps! Please read the following:

  1. First, you need to search your output folder, where you will find a “Contacts.vcf” file, click on it.
  2. Automatically, Apple Address Book will launch and you will need to add all your available vCard files.
  3. Simply click the “Add” button and you are done!

How to Import iCalendar / (*.ics ) to Apple iCal/Apple Calendar

Here you can know  how to easily and successfully import your iCalendar files to Apple iCal/Apple Calendar in just a few minutes! Please proceed with the following:

  1. As a first step, you need to browse your output folder where you will need to access the “Calendar.ics” file.
  2. Now your Apple Calendar will automatically launch, just choose the “New Calendar” option, which is in the Add events. Now click the “OK” button.
  3. Now Apple Calender will automatically add all events to “New Calendar” folder. If you wish, you may rename it accordingly.
  4. Now you have successfully imported all files and the process is complete!
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