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Mac Version
1. Auto import directly to Apple Mail / Mac Mail
2. Outlook Independent - No need of Outlook to be installed
3. Just copy over to Mac your PST files on a Portable drive, Import and you are all set!
4. It doesn't get simpler then this :)
  Windows Version
1. Convert PST files to Apple Mail Archive/ Entourage Archive / .EML & .mbox for Thunderbird / EML for Windows Live Mail
2. Requires Outlook to be installed
3. You'll need to copy over the converted files to Mac on Portable Drive and Manually import in case of Apple / Mac Mail/ Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac

Migrating Outlook PST Files to Outlook for Mac 2011

Windows and Outlook are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Macintosh / Mac are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. “PST Converter Pro” and are not associated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corp. or Apple Computer Inc.

Follow the steps below to convert your Outlook/PST content to Outlook for Mac 2011:

1. Add your PST files for conversion of Outlook for Mac 2011 compatible format.

2. In this example we want to migrate all of the “Mails”, “Contacts” and “Calendar” so check all corresponding checkboxes. Now select “Convert To” from action drop-down and choose “Microsoft Entourage Archive” as target format as shown in following figure (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1: Conversion format

3. Click on “Start” button. A file save dialog appears where you can choose the save location and provide a name for output file such as “My PST to OFM Archive” or any other name of your choice.

4. Now “Conversion Progress” sheet slides into the view, which displays details of current item being processed as well as overall progress

5. Once the conversion is completed you will see conversion completion report. A detailed conversion report is also saved on your “Desktop” with name “PST Conversion Report ##.txt” .

6. Now pen Outlook for Mac 2011 and go to File menu and choose “Import” option and select the second option Entourage information from an archive or earlier version shown in following figure (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2: Select second Entourage option


7. Select Entourage Archive, the top one click on next as shown in following figure (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3: Choose Top Entourage Archive (.rge)


8.  Click “Next” and you can also find your converted Microsoft Entourage Archive saved at output location. Select the converted Entourage Archive file and click on import, it will start importing your Outlook data (PST) file to Outlook for Mac 2011 as shown in following figure (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4: Selection Entourage Archive (.rge) file from converted location


Now it’s done and conversion will take some time to display all the contents in Outlook for Mac 2011.

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