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Mac Version
1. Auto import directly to Apple Mail / Mac Mail
2. Outlook Independent - No need of Outlook to be installed
3. Just copy over to Mac your PST files on a Portable drive, Import and you are all set!
4. It doesn't get simpler then this :)
  Windows Version
1. Convert PST files to Apple Mail Archive/ Entourage Archive / .EML & .mbox for Thunderbird / EML for Windows Live Mail
2. Requires Outlook to be installed
3. You'll need to copy over the converted files to Mac on Portable Drive and Manually import in case of Apple / Mac Mail/ Entourage/Outlook 2011 for Mac

Release Log

Mac Version

Bug Fix and improvements in Version 1.5 

1) Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8) Support 
2) Fixed – Email attachments converted but not appearing in AppleMail in a rare scenario. 
3) Fixed – Email attachments not converted legacy pst (outlook 97-2002) pst files rarely. 
4) Fixed – Export process fails while exporting to same folder where source pst resides.
5) Fixed – Email headers not appearing correctly in a rare scenario. 
6) Fixed – Memory leaks on removing pst files from App. 
7) Improvement : Better mapping of PST contact fields to custom AddressBook fields. 
8) Improvement : Better conversion report.


PST Converter Pro 1.4 for Mac released

Bug Fixes:

Calendar Conversion:

1) Fixed – Calendar events get duplicated multiple times in Apple iCal (Mac OS 10.7.2)
2) Fixed – Calendar reference e-mail has wrong CalRefID in Subject.
3) Fixed – Event attendee-names have unwanted escape characterr in case of , (i.e \,) Contact Conversion:
4) Fixed – Contact notes are not converted properly if it has 🙂 smiley. 
5) Fixed – Disk permission error while converting separate *.vcf files. 
6) Fixed – Contacts-notes are not converted properly in a boundary case (when notes has specific length).

Email Conversion:

7) Fixed – Empty emails are not imported from a converted Apple Mail Archive.
8) Fixed – Character conversion is not proper for few emails with certain text encoding in legacy (Outlook 97-2002) PST files.


1) Calendar reference email should not be generated if calendar events does not have any text body (i.e. no description). 
2) Improved character set(Text Encoding) conversion logic for emails,contacts and calendar events. 
3) Removed unnecessary preference from ” Preferences Dialog”


PST Converter Pro 1.3 For Mac released

1. Fixed : Junk characters appear on converting Office 97-2002 pst files. Now user can provided “Text Encoding” for such pst files.

2. Fixed : Emails in draft has no date converted.

3. Fixed : Crash with wrong licensing details fixed.

4. Fixed : Application should quit on clicking “Close” button.




PC Version

PST Converter Pro 1.4 released

Improvements over Version 1.3

We have optimized file size of installer for quicker download.


Bug Fixes

1. In some cases, converted contacts are not imported into Apple Address book properly. This issue has been fixed now.

2.If a PST File has email items in root folder ( Top most folder in folder hierarchy) then PST Converter Pro skips them during conversion. This issue has been fixed now.


Improvements in Version 1.4

1. Conversion Engine Improvements:

It has enhanced MBOX conversion engine which is faster than all previous versions of PST Converter Pro. It also utilizes lesser memory than previous versions.

 2. Performance Improvement:

 PST Converter Pro 1.2 is up to 20% faster than version 1.1.

3. Overall stability Improvement.

 We have closely revisited whole code of PST Converter Pro and done many changes to avoid possible application failures caused due to unexpected reasons.

4. Detailed Conversion Report.

PST Converter Pro now produces a detailed conversion report which contains a brief description of all the converted mail/contact/calendar items.


Bug Fixes:

We have fixed following reported issues:

1)Application crashes while converting contact with photo attachments created with iPhone. This problem has been fixed now. 
2) Application crashes while converting mail items created by legacy mail clients. This problem has been fixed now.
3) European Special Characters (for example Accented a/e and Germanic umlaut etc.) don’t appear correctly in converted Entourage Archive. This problem has been fixed now.

If you converted your mails with previous versions of PST Converter Pro and faced this issue then please convert your “mails” again (uncheck “Contacts” and “Calendar”) with this version and import them into Entourage. Please note that re-importing your mails into Entourage does not affect already imported mails, instead Entourage creates a new folder every time it imports an archive

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